Welcome to Wisbech Adventure Playground

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we await our signs to be updated , please be aware e-cigarettes and energy drinks are NOT allowed to be smoked or consumed inside the playground by ANY playground user. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: The playground will be closed for sessions on Tuesdays from 1pm to 3pm starting 22nd November 2022. Also, Wellies in the Woods will be running on Wednesday mornings 10am to 11.30am until 7th December 2022 for parents/carers with children aged 2-5 years only.

Please note that outside of staffed hours, the playground will still remain open to the public but there will be no access to the indoor facilities or use of the car park when staff are not here. We apologise for the inconvenience.

December Session times are as follows:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 3.15pm to 4.15pm

Saturday 11am to 4.15pm

Wellies in the Woods, Wednesday 10am to 11.30am

Last session is Wednesday 7th December

(This is a booked session only)

Saturday 17th December is our last session until Wednesday 4th January.

For a full list of session dates and times please check our Calendar.

We are here in all weathers although staffed sessions may be cancelled if conditions are severe. Cancelled sessions will be posted here on the website or on our Facebook page.

Every Friday from 11am 3pm, during term-time, is our ‘Maintenance’ Day. Please note that although staff are on site, this is not a session so there will be no access to the play containers or the water pump until the session begins at 3.15pm. Depending on the maintenance work we are undertaking, the playground may need to close for a period of time. We will notify of any change on the website and our Facebook page.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an open access site and only staffed at the times shown above. Toilet and first aid facilities are only available when staff are on site. Before sessions commence, staff will be doing site checks and litter picks as a necessary part of our role to ensure the site is clear of any hazards before children play. Please understand that during this time frame, staff will be unable to open up toilets, the play container or fulfil any requests until these jobs are complete. We will happily help out afterwards.

On some Friday mornings term-time, the playground hosts school sessions from 9am-11am. The playground will not to be open to the general public during school sessions. Please check our calendar or check Facebook to see when these dates are to avoid disappointment.

“Fantastic day. Came with children aged 0-10 and there was something for all of them.”

Thanks ever so much for having us the other week.
The children had such a fab time, they want to come every holiday!

“The activities and resources appeal to the children lots and lots.
We are busy tracking down similar resources to use every day in school.”

“Playground staff are extremely accommodating and are committed to ensuring that our disabled young people had access to opportunities that they may not ordinarily have.”
CamPlay Holiday Club

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